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The world's leading manufacturer of PTFE Flexible Hose



Aflex Hose is recognised world-wide as the primary innovator and pioneer of PTFE hose technologies.

We were established 40 years ago, and in the years since then have invented and introduced all of the major innovations in PTFE hose product design and manufacturing technologies.

From process fluid transfer lines in pharmaceutical plants to turbo-generator oil transfer lines in automobiles, Aflex Hose have developed flexible hose solutions which satisfy customers’ specialist requirements in these and many more industrial applications.

Aflex Hose export 80% of our products to 40 countries, and we take pride in our ability to offer the most comprehensive and technically sophisticated range of flexible PTFE hose products available anywhere in the world.


Worldwide Distribution of Flexible PTFE Hose
Automotive Industry Flexible PTFE Hose
Flexible PTFE Hose for Biotech Applications
Chemical and Fluid Process Convoluted and Smoothbore Hose
PTFE Hose for Food and Fluid Processes
Clean Room Manufactured Convoluted Hose and Smoothbore PTFE Hose for the Pharmaceutical industry