Hose & End Fittings

Supply options

Visiflon hose can either be supplied as made up and crimped hose assemblies, or as loose hose for customers to assemble themselves, using ferrules supplied by Aflex Hose, and either standard hydraulic end fittings or PTFE Tail end fittings.

Loose Hose: Visiflon hose can be supplied loose, in coils or on wooden reels if required, for Customers to assemble themselves.

For self-assembly, Customers must purchase not only the hose, but also the ferrules from Aflex Hose. If PTFE Tail design fittings are used, these must also be supplied by Aflex Hose, but Hydraulic Fittings are generally available.

Assembly must be carried out in accordance with the Assembly Instructions, and assemblers should be trained by Aflex Hose staff.



Visiflon GP, SS Hose Assembly with a Fixed Male End Fitting
Visiflon GP, SS Hose Assembly with a Fixed Male End Fitting

Aflex Hose can supply fully assembled Visiflon hose assemblies, with crimped ends.

A wide variety of End Fittings are available in Grade 316L Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated Mild Steel, including:

  • 60˚ BSP Cone Seat Female Unions (also flat seat)
  • Flat Seat Lug Nut Female Unions
  • BSPT or NPT Fixed Males
  • NPT Fixed Females
  • 37˚ JIC Female Fittings
  • 37˚ JIC/NPT Male Unions
  • 37˚ JIC/NPT Female Unions
  • Tube Fittings
  • Standpipe Fittings

Note: stainless steel and carbon steel Hydraulic Tail end fittings and carbon steel PTFE Tail end fittings do not always have a fine machined surface through the bore, and so are not suitable for certain specialised or hygienic applications which require a smooth bore. In such applications, stainless steel PTFE Tail end fittings should be used.