How to Order

Smoothbore Hose (Supplied loose - without end fittings attached)

The hose * size and grade requires specification as shown in the Smoothbore section of the website.

Either the combination of initials is used to specify the grade:

Example " 1/4” VH1, HPG, AS, RC (Blue)” specifies a 1/4” nominal bore hose to the very high pressure grade specification, which has a tube liner which is both High Pressure Gas quality, and Antistatic, and the hose has an outer cover of blue EPDM rubber.

Or the Part Number of the hose as listed in this brochure can be used, together with any additional requirements for Example “Part No 70-310-03-01-02, PVC Trans Blue” specifies -3 Medium Wall Hose, with an HPG quality PTFE Liner tube (-310), and a semi transparent blue PVC cover.

Bulk hose is normally supplied in random production lengths, in loose coils or on wooden reels dependent upon quantity.

Specific lengths, or minimum lengths can be specified, but will require an extra charge.

Smoothbore Hose Cut to Length (with non-flared ends)

Aflex Hose are also able to supply Smoothbore Hose in ready-to-assemble pre-cut lengths, with the braid wire at the ends annealed and cut so the cut ends do not flare out. This makes it easier to slide ferrules on to the hose ends during assembly.

This can be applied to all sizes up to 1” bore Smoothbore, Single Braid hose for minimum quantities of 500+ lengths. Minimum cut length 60mm (23/8”), lengths cut to an accuracy of 1.5mm (1/16”).

*The actual bore size of hose required by customers is sometimes hard to define if the hose was previously purchased from another supplier, especially in the case of “dash” size (e.g. -10) hose size references. In such circumstance Customers are requested to consult the Aflex Hose size specifications, also to state the actual bore size of the hose they require (not the nominal bore size according to another supplier). Alternatively, a short sample of the hose required can be sent to Aflex for examination.

Hose End Fittings (Supplied loose)

The end fittings and ferrules supplied require specification as shown in this brochure. Each end fitting supplied requires a ferrule which fits the type of hose to be used, as listed with Part Numbers in End Fittings.

Either a written description of the size, type and material of the end fitting or ferrule is required, for example: - “3/8” Cone Seat Female Union Fitting in Stainless Steel”.

Or The Part Number of the component, for example: “Part No. 01-120-08-08-02” specifies a 1/2 ” Stainless Steel Ferrule, suitable for a 1/2” bore single braid hose.

Note: Special Crimp Tools are required for ferrules on a PTFE-Tail Fitting, available from Aflex Hose.

Hose Assemblies

The hose size and grade, and the hose end fitting for each end of the hose assembly require specification as stated above. (The ferrules do not require specification).

The overall length of the Hose Assembly is required, between the sealing faces of the end fittings. The length tolerance for Smoothbore hose assemblies is minus 0%, plus 11/2% up to 1 metre long, and minus 0%, plus 21/2% for over 1 metre long.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
(To 1.5 times the listed maximum working pressure)

Hose supplied loose is not pressure tested, and the assembling Customer is responsible for pressure testing hose assemblies prior to use.

Smoothbore Hose Assemblies supplied by Aflex are all pressure tested for quantities up to 10 off, but only 10% of the quantity are normally pressure tested if more than 10 off are ordered.