PTFE Tail or Hydraulic Fittings

PTFE Tail End Fittings for SW and HW Grades

Aflex Hose keep in stock a wide range of “PTFE-tail” design standard end fittings, ferrules and adaptors in both zinc plated carbon steel and 316L stainless steel.

These are specified, with the relevant Aflex Hose Part Number, in the List of PTFE Tail Fittings.

PTFE-Tail End Fittings can only be applied to the Standard Smoothbore, Standard Wall (SW) and Heavy Wall (HW) Hose Grades.


Hydraulic-Tail End Fittings for MW Grade

These can only be used with the Standard Smoothbore, Medium Wall (MW) Hose Grade.

Hydraulic Tail end fittings are usually sourced from local Hydraulic Suppliers, but can be supplied by Aflex Hose if required.

Ferrules for MW, SB and MW Hose can be supplied by Aflex Hose, as below.

Ferrule Sizes and Part Numbers

MW, SB Hose Zinc Plated Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
3/16 BB -4 01-170-03-03-04 01-170-03-03-03
1/4 BB -5 01-170-04-04-04 01-170-04-04-03
5/16 BB -6 01-170-05-05-04 -
3/8 BB -8 01-170-06-06-04 01-170-06-06-03
1/2 BB -10 01-170-08-08-04 01-170-08-08-03
5/8 BB -12 01-170-10-10-04 01-170-10-10-03
3/4 BB 01-170-12-12-04 01-170-12-12-03
1 BB 01-170-16-16-04 01-170-16-16-03