How to Order

Pharmaline N Hose Assemblies

Pharmaline N and X hose can be supplied loose, or as custom built hose assemblies after the hose size and grade, length and end fittings have been selected.

The specification and information contained in this brochure can be used to make these selections, but if there are any doubts concerning the hose usage limitations or performance capabilities, customers should request expert advice from Aflex Hose.

Selecting the Hose Grade

There are two types of PTFE hose liner tube available, natural PTFE (Pharmaline N or X, GP grade), and antistatic PTFE (Pharmaline N or X, AS grade).

Selecting the Hose Assembly Length

The lengths of Pharmaline N and X hose assemblies are as specified by the customer and the length is measured from the sealing face at one end fitting to the same at the other end of the hose. Length tolerances are normally +2% / -0%.

Minimum hose assembly lengths are calculated by adding the lengths of the hose end fittings, the A dimensions, then adding the minimum ‘visible’ length of hose between the fittings as per the table below.

If the hose must be flexed, however, then there must be a sufficient length of visible hose to conform to the required flexing configuration (see Hose Usage Limitations).

† Maximum hose assembly lengths are as per the table below.

Lengths may be stated in Feet & Inches, or decimal Metres or Millimetres. Units used must be stated.

Selecting the End Fittings

Pharmaline N&X are available with a range of standard end fittings.

Stainless Steel End Fitting Materials

Non-Lined Spigots - are all made from Grade 316L SS = EN 1.4404

Cam & Groove Female Fittings - are made from Grade 316C SS = EN 1.4408 (Body) and 316L SS (Spigot)

Swivelling Nuts and Flanges- are all made from Grade 304 SS = EN 1.4301

Ferrules - most ferrules are made from Grade 304 SS, otherwise Grade 316 SS


Pharmaline N and X Hose Assembly Length Limitations

Nominal Size of Hose Minimum Visible Hose Length
Between Fittings
† Pharmaline N Maximum
Hose Assembly Length 
Pharmaline X Maximum
Hose Assembly Length
Used Straight Flexed Through 90°
in mm in mm in mm ft mtrs ft mtrs
1/2 15 3 75 3.00 75 100 30 65 20
5/8 16 3 75 3.00 75 100 30 65 20
3/4 20 3 75 4.00 100 100 30 65 20
1 25 3 75 4.33 110 100 30 65 20
11/4 32 4 100 6.30 160 100 30 20 6
11/2 40 4 100 8.66 220 100 30 20 6
2 50 4 100 12.40 315 100 30 20 6
21/2 65 4 100 18.70 475 59 18 N/A N/A
3 80 4 100 21.65 550 49 15 N/A N/A

Longer lengths may be available to special order - Consult Aflex Hose for details.

How to Order

The quantity, hose type, size, grade, length and fittings must be specified in full.

Either by a full, written description. The hose grade can be specified by the code initials e.g. “Pharmaline N, AS” defines an antistatic PTFE lined Pharmaline N hose.

The quantity, length and fittings can then be written in - e.g. “4 off x 1” bore Pharmaline N, AS hoses x 3.00 metres long. Both ends ANSI 150# S/S Flanges”.

Or by Part Numbers. Any special requirements relating to the hose construction, or information required on Tags, or Certificates, or special testing requirements, must be specified in full on the enquiry or purchase order.

Conditions of Sale

Pharmaline N and X hose and hose assemblies are only supplied on the basis that the customer has read and accepted the Conditions of Sale.