Supply Options

Hyperline FX hose can either be supplied as made up and crimped hose assemblies, or as loose hose for customers to assemble themselves, using ferrules supplied by Aflex Hose, and standard hydraulic end fittings, which can also be supplied by Aflex Hose if required.

Easier Assembly

Hyperline FX is very flexible, and is designed to replace conventional flexible tape wrapped convoluted or autoconvoluted PTFE hoses in application where faster, cleaner fluid flow or ease of assembly is paramount. SS or MS ferrules and crimp diameters can be supplied to suit any conventional hydraulic hose tail end fittings.

Problems associated with assembling fittings to convoluted hoses, such as leakages, the need for special or sleeved spigots, the need to de-convolute etc. disappear - Hyperline FX is literally as easy to assemble as any smooth bore hose.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Cut the hose to the desired length using a cut off machine with a high tensile steel blade, allowing for the length of the end fittings.
  2. Push the ferrule onto the hose (chamfered end first) and insert the fitting and push into the hose until it meets the collar on the fitting. Align the ferrule over the collar.
  3. Place the assembly into the swaging machine and swage down the ferrule to the recommended swage dimension as given in Aflex Document AS-42. Check using a vernier or micrometer.

To find AS-42 and the current swage diameters, please contact Aflex Hose.

Ferrules to Suit

Hose SizeFerrules Part Number*
1/401-170-04-04-(*03 or 04)
3/801-170-06-06-(*03 or 04)
1/201-170-08-08-(*03 or 04)
5/801-170-10-10-(*03 or 04)
3/401-170-12-12-(*03 or 04)
101-170-16-16-(*03 or 04)

*Note: Ferrule Part Numbers end in -03 for Stainless Steel (Grade 303 or 304), and -04 for Mild Steel (Zinc Plated). 

Pressure Testing Instructions:

All self-assembled hose assemblies must be pressure tested to 1.5 x MWP before end use.