Hose Grades

Natural PTFE Tube Lining

Hyperline FX Natural PTFE Tube is for use in all applications where fluids or gases are being conveyed which do not generate a risk of static charge development (see “AS”).


Antistatic PTFE Lining (AS Grade)

When electrically resistive fluids like solvents and fuels, or multiphase mixtures are passed through natural PTFE hose at high flow rates, a static charge build up occurs on the inner wall of the PTFE liner. This can discharge to the nearest conductor (e.g. SS braid) that creates a pin-hole in the PTFE liner resulting in a leak-path.

Antistatic PTFE includes a small quantity of a special  high purity carbon black, which ensures safe static charge dissipation in accordance with International Standards.

Antistatic Hose Assemblies

When “AS” (Antistatic) grade hose is specified the hose or hose assembly supplied will be tested in accordance with EN ISO 8031 to meet the Antistatic requirements of EN 16643. This requires, for an antistatic liner or antistatic cover, that the resistance between an appropriately placed foam electrode and a metallic end fitting will be between 103 to 108 ohms per assembly. For hose assemblies which meet these requirements an appropriate Grade “Ω” marking is applied in accordance with EN 16643 if requested.

Note: When in service, at least one end fitting must be connected to earth, to permit dissipation of the static charge from the end fitting.

(Also known as ‘Electrically Bonded’ & 'M' grade)

All Hyperline FX hose assemblies are electrically continuous, except AM (Aramid Fibre) and TO (Tube Only) grade hose assemblies. Electrical Continuity requires that the hose assembly supplied is electrically continuous, or conductive, between metal end fittings at each end of the hose (whether GP or AS grade).

The requirements for this are specified in the German Document BRG 132 and EN 16643, when tested in accordance with EN ISO 8031, which requires that the resistance between end fittings shall be <100 Ohms per assembly. For hose assemblies that meet this requirement a Grade “M” marking is applied in accordance with EN 16643


Tube Only (no braid)

TO grade hose (available in both GP and AS) is a lightweight hose, used in applications where working pressures are low and where there is no need for the physical protection offered by an external braid.


Stainless Steel Wire Braid (SS Grades)

The braid supports the PTFE liner tube against internal pressure and protects against mechanical abuse. Often used in applications involving high temperatures and working pressures. High tensile 304 stainless steel wire is used to give maximum pressure resistance and external protection to the hose.


Aramid Fibre Braid (AM Grades)

The aramid fibre is “Tecnora”, a higher specification fibre than Kevlar, with excellent temperature, tensile and abrasion resistant properties. For applications requiring minimum weight for maximum pressure reinforcement.