Auto-cut Lengths

Self assembly customers who manufacture large numbers of hose assemblies require perfectly cut hose ends, to facilitate easy, quick assembly of end fittings.

Aflex Hose have developed an automatic hose cutting machine which is able to cut stainless steel braided hose lengths perfectly, without squashing or braid flare out.

This system is applicable to (uncovered) stainless steel braided grades of Smoothbore and Hyperline FX hose, in sizes up to 1” bore, in minimum cut lengths of 60mm (2 3/8”), no maximum length.

In addition, Aflex have developed a fully automated inspection system which checks the cut ends for diameters, ovality and protruding cut wire ends.

This inspection system is only applicable to regularly supplied large quantities of cut lengths and is limited to cut lengths which are less than 0.4 metres (16 inches) in length.

Automated washing equipment is available for short cut lengths, capable of achieving the required tolerance levels for particle size and count.