Hose Construction

FaBLINE Hose Design Options

FaBLINE Hose Grades are made up by combining the Design Options, which are defined by 2 letters as shown below, and fully described in the linked sections.

For example, “FaBLINE AS, SI, SG” defines a hose with an Antistatic PTFE liner (AS) and a Silicone Rubber (SI) and an outer Safegard (SG) spiral HDPE protection sleeve.

PTFE Liner Tube Options - GP (Natural PTFE) and AS (Antistatic PTFE)

Rubber Cover Options - RC (Blue EPDM) and SI (Silicone Rubber)

External Protection Options - SR (Scuff Rings), SG (Safegard Spiral) and PC (SS Wire Coil)


FaBLINE in Comparison with Convoluted PTFE Hose

  • Hygienic Cleanability - much better, due to no internal convolutions
  • Flow Rates - more than 2 x higher
  • Pressure Ratings - more than 1.5 x higher
  • Self Draining - Excellent self draining with PTFE lined fittings
  • Non-Whistling - no whistling noise with gasses

FaBLINE in Comparison with Conventional Smoothbore FEP, PFA or PTFE Lined Rubber Hose

  • No Adhesives - No toxic adhesives used in the FaBLINE construction, eliminating the possibilities of Process Fluid contamination in service
  • Flexibility - Much better flexibility
  • Internal Shape Control - No distortions in bore when flexed

FaBLINE in Comparison with Silicone Rubber Hose

  • Hygienic Cleanability - much better, due to the non-stick PTFE Liner
  • Chemical Resistance - considerably improved, particularly to strong oxidising acids and bases
  • Temperature & Pressure Ratings - much higher temperature and pressure capability
  • Steam Resistance - permanently resistant to steam sterilising
    (unlike silicone hose, which has a limited life)


FaBLINE AS, SI with a Non-Lined PTFE Sanitary Triclover Fitting

Note: Rubber covered hose is marked in accordance with EN 16643
Note: Rubber covered hose is marked in accordance with EN 16643