There are many different specifications, dimensions and surface finishes for triclamp fittngs. Those listed below are the popular fittings, which are stocked as standard fittings by Aflex. 

All the alternative fittings can be supplied to special order if the following information can be given;

  • Flange diameter D and Outlet diameter I
  • Hose size if known, or Aflex can recommend a hose size to suit
  • The internal Surface Finish, if it is required to be better than the ASME BPE SF3 surface finish of <0.76μm.Ra = <30μ in Ra non-electropolished.
  • Standard (see below) if known.


  • DIN 32676 (types A, B and C are available)
  • BS 4825 Pt.3 (equivalent to ASME BPE)
  • ISO 1127

End Fitting Materials

  • Fittings in AISI 316L = EN 1.4404 = BS 316 S11
  • Ferrules, most in Grade 304 SS, some sizes in Grade 316L SS
  • Fittings for DIN32676 are available in 1.4435 (316L)
  • Fittings in 1.4571, Hastelloy, Monel, PVDF and other materials to special order

Temperature and Pressure Ratings

  • Pressures up to 16 Bar (230 psi)
  • Temperatures up to 120˚C (250˚F) with EPDM Gaskets
  • Temperatures up to 180˚C (356˚F) with PTFE, Silicone or Viton Gaskets
  • Higher Pressures and Temperatures with Special Clamps and Gaskets.

Internal Surface Finish Specifications

  • ASME BPE SF3 (mechanical polish, not electropolished) Surface Finish, Maximum reading:
    <0.76μm Ra = <30μ in. Ra
  • ASME BPE SF4 (mechanical polish and electropolished) Surface Finish, Maximum reading:
    <0.375μm Ra = <15μ in. Ra (SF4 is the highest level of surface finish specified in ASME BPE, and the standard, stocked fittings listed are all to this finish).
  • DIN 32676 H4 (mechanical polish, not electropolished) Surface Finish, Average reading:
    <0.4μm Ra = <16μ in. Ra. If the standard SF4 finish is not acceptable, H4 must be requested on the enquiry/order.

Note: ASME BPE Triclamp suppliers often quote an ‘Average’ of surface finish reading only, for example ‘average 15 Ra or better’, but this is not in accordance with the stricter ASME BPE requirement that a ‘Maximum’ for individual readings should be complied with.


Sanitary Triclamp Fittings



Nominal Hose Size Non-Lined Triclamp  
1/4 33
3/8 42
1/2 44
5/8 -
3/4 50
*7/8 -
1 58
11/4 -
*13/8 -
1/2 67
*17/8 -
2 78
21/2 71
3 80


* Fitting Lengths listed are for Bioflex Ultra RC and SI.