Hose Construction


Corroline+ hose was designed and developed to provide customers with a universal chemical hose product which combined all the requirements they had requested for chemical plant applications, particularly the need for improved flexibility and kink resistance.

Corroline+ hose provides a superior alternative to the wide variety of alternative Chemical Hose products currently available.


Corroline+ is built around a unique PTFE hose liner design, which has a slightly rippled smooth bore inside, but convoluted outside to generate excellent flexibility combined with “hoop strength”. Grade GP hose has a natural (clear) PTFE liner tube and Grade AS hose has an antistatic (Black) PTFE liner tube.

A stainless helical wire is wound in to the external convolutions, which adds to the kink resistance, crush resistance and the resistance of the hose to both pressure and vacuum.

This reinforced PTFE Liner construction is strong enough to withstand vacuum to -0.9bar and kinking without the need for either internal convolutions or the need to bond the liner to an outer cover, making it an ideal hose liner design, and a significant improvement upon standard products currently available.

The PTFE liner is then further reinforced with a stainless steel wire braid. A smooth finish black antistatic EPDM rubber cover is extruded over the braid, which includes a helical reinforcement wire encapsulated in the rubber cover which renders the hose kink proof. The rubber cover has a mirror smooth surface finish to aid cleaning, and the antistatic rubber is specially compounded to make the hose ‘fireproof’.

Corroline+ Hose - The best Flexible Hose for Chemical Plant Applications.


Corroline+ GP Hose, fitted with an Integral PTFE Lined Flange Fitting

Corroline+ GP Hose, fitted with a Non-lined Flange Fitting