Labelling & Colour Coding


Standard Labelling

All Corroflon hose assemblies are labelled with the following information:

  • Manufacturer’s Name
  • Hose Size and Grade
  • EN16643 and Year of Standard Publication
  • EN16643 Electrical Property Grade
  • Max. Working Pressure and Test Pressure
  • Working Temperature Range*
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Month & Year of Manufacture
  • Telephone Number
  • CE Mark (if applicable)

*Note any restrictions on working pressure resulting from elevated temperatures 

This information is normally laser-etched on to the ferrule.

In some cases, at the discretion of Aflex Hose, the information may be etched on to a thin stainless steel plate which is clamped to the hose, or a loose stainless steel ring mounted on the hose. This may be necessary for example, if the customer requires additional information which may not fit on to the ferrule.

Customers may specify which labelling system they require, and may request additional information on the label.


Streamline Tagging

This system is only applicable to the Silicone (SI) rubber covered grades of Corroflon that have a stainless steel (SS) braid.

A label and/or Colour Code is placed around the silicone cover of the hose and then encapsulated by a transparent silicone that is formed into a thin streamlined cover.

Note: 1/2” size, Colour Code only, no text.


Colour Coding

This system is applicable to all grades of Corroflon hose.

A coloured PTFE spiral strip is wound on to the hose. It can be left loose, or it can be encapsulated under a transparent, heat-shrunk polyolefin sleeve.