Hose Rubber Covers

RC - EPDM Rubber Covered - Antistatic and Fire Proof Black Rubber Cover


For the most rugged applications where the hose may be subjected to rough treatment and severe external abrasion. Also for hygienic applications, where the external cleanability of the hose is of prime importance and in applications where the hose is required to be Fire Proof, or to have an Antistatic cover.


An SS braided hose has a black, antistatic EPDM external rubber cover extruded directly onto the braid to produce a super-smooth external surface finish. Sizes above 2” bore are hand-wrapped, not extruded.

EPDM has excellent chemical resistance, and the hose has a temperature range from -40˚C, -40˚F up to +150˚C, +302˚F.

Fire Proof

As well as providing an Antistatic cover, Corroflon RC hose is also Fire Proof in accordance with Specification BS5173 Section 103.13 part 6.2 (Fireproof). This specification calls for an 1100˚C (2012˚F) flame to be applied to the hose at minimum bend radius, maximum operating pressure (water), and one end fitting under vibration. The hose must withstand at least 15 minutes without leakage.

Hose assemblies are Fire Resistant, but can be rendered Fire Proof by the addition of DRC-300 at both ends - see below.

Corroflon RC hose meets the requirements of German Safety Regulation TRBF 131/2 and EN 16643 flame resistance.


Corroflon RC hose is antistatic (AS) in accordance with EN 16643 limits and tested in accordance with EN ISO 8031.


SI - Silicone Rubber Cover


As for RC hose, but where the hose may be required to withstand temperatures from -73˚C, -100˚F up to +224˚C, +435˚F. SI grade hose is semi-transparent, allowing visual monitoring of the braid.


An SS braided hose assembly has an external smooth finish, platinum cured silicone rubber cover extruded (>50 metres) or hand-wrapped (<50 metres), and vulcanised directly onto the braid.


The Silicone rubber cover has been tested and conforms to the requirements of USP Class VI, see Quality Assurance & Certifications.


RC-300 - Rubber Covered 300mm at End


In applications where excessive flexing of the hose at the end fitting occurs, it is sometimes necessary to ‘stiffen’ the hose in this area, to prevent kinking.


A layer of rubber is hand-wrapped and vulcanised directly to the ferrule, and 300mm (12 inch) along the hose from the fitting. This can be done either on an SS braided hose (RC-300 or SI-300) or on a rubber covered hose as a 300mm (12 inch) long double layer of rubber at the end (DRC-300 or DSI-300).