Steam Heated Hose


For use in applications where the temperature of the process fluid entering the hose assembly must be maintained as it passes through the hose. This is usually required to prevent solidification or an increase in the fluid viscosity. Steam or hot oil heating is preferred to electrical heating in some applications for reasons of availability or safety, but is less controllable.


The heating element comprises a small diameter PTFE heating hose, 6mm or 9.5mm bore size, with a single SS wire braid. This is spirally wrapped around the hose, with inlet and outlet ports attached either both at one end or at opposite ends of the hose assembly. In the case of hose assemblies longer than 3 metres, it is usual to have not one but several heating hoses with inlet ports at opposite ends and along the hose. This reduces the effects of temperature loss over the length of the hose assembly. The thermal insulation is closed-cell, fire resistant silicone foam rubber. The outer cover may be SS wire braid with or without a rubber cover if necessary.


Each hose is custom designed and built to suit the requirements of the particular application. The following information is therefore required:

  • Fluid in Hose Assembly
  • Maintained Temperature of Fluid in Hose
  • Temperature of Steam or Fluid in the Heating Hose
  • Min/Max Ambient Temperature
  • External Conditions of Abrasion etc


As for Corroflon GP, SS in Specifications and Properties, except the size range is 1” to 3”, the minimum bend radius is tripled, and the outside diameter and weight are significantly increased in line with the particular design.


1” PTFE lined PN10 flange spigots on heated hoses can only have a maximum flare diameter of 50mm, not 63mm.

If the hose is “hanging”, straight or at 90˚, under its own weight, special construction is required, so advise Aflex Hose accordingly.

Minimum CH Hose Assembly Length 750mm.

Not recommended for use with PB braid.


CH Hose Assembly