Part Nos

If required, Bioflex Ultra Assembly can be defined by an individual Part Number, made up of 7 entries as below:


Hose Size Size Part No.
3/8 06
1/2 08
5/8 10
3/4 12
7/8 14
1” 16
13/8 22
11/2 24
17/8 30
2" 32
21/2 40
3” 48


Hose TypeType Part No.
Bioflex Ultra GP
(Natural PTFE Liner
Bioflex Ultra AS
(Antistatic PTFE Liner)


Braid and Cover
Tube OnlyTO
Stainless Steel BraidSS
Polypropylene BraidPB
Blue EPDM Rubber Cover (on SS)RC
Transparent Silicone Rubber (on SS)SI
Black Fireproof, Antistatic Rubber (on SS)BK
RC-300 Rubber Covered End
Protection Systems (Pg15)
see *note below

*Note - If one of the rubber end protection systems is required, for one or both ends, please define the requirement in writing in addition to Part Number.


External Protection Systems
No External Protection SystemOO
SS Wire Protection CoilPC
Rubber Anti-Scuff RingsSR
‘Safeguard’ HDPE Spiral WrapSG


The overall hose length between the sealing faces at each end is given as the Length Part No either in decimal Metres followed by ‘m’ or inches followed by ‘in’

6 & 7

Assembled End Fitting Description
* All Components in Stainless Steel
End Fitting
Part No.
JIC Female 02
Fixed Male Pipe, NPT Thread 03
Fixed Male Pipe, BSPT Thread 03/B
Fixed Female Pipe, NPT Thread 06
JIC-to-NPT Male Union 08
JIC-to-Female Union 08F
Straight Sanitary Tri Clamp, 1.984” Diameter
0.870” Exit Diameter (Standard)
1.370” Exit Diameter (Set Up)
Straight Mini Sanitary Tri Clamp, 0.984” Diameter
0.370” Exit Diameter (Standard)
0.625” Exit Diameter (Step-Up)
*ANSI 150# Swivelling Flange Non-Lined 12
DIN PN 10/16 Swivelling Flange Non-Lined 12/PN
*ANSI 150# Swivelling Flange, PTFE Lined 12L
DIN PN 10/16 Swivelling Flange, PTFE Lined 12L/PN
Cam and Groove, Locking Arm Swivelling Female, Non-Lined 16
Cam and Groove, Locking Arm Female, PTFE Lined 16L
Cam and Groove Male, Non-Lined 17
Cam and Groove, Male PTFE Lined 17L
DIN 11851 Female, PTFE Lined 23L
DIN 11851 Male, PTFE Lined 24L
SMS Female, PTFE Lined 26L
RJT Female, Non-Lined 27
BSPP Cone Seat Female 33
BSP Lug Nut Female 34


For Flange only: Add ‘/ZP’ for Carbon Steel Zinc Plated, or add ‘/EC’ for Epoxy coated


For all types of Elbow fittings add ‘/90°’ for 90° elbows


For ‘Hot Formed’ PTFE Lined Triclamps add ‘/HF’

Additional Requirements:

Any additional requirements which are not included in the Part Number must be written out in full in the Order, including any special labelling or colour coding.

- When purchasing Triclovers/Sanitary Fittings please specify the surface finish required


A 3/4” bore Bioflex Ultra GP, RC Hose Assembly with an Antistatic PTFE Liner and an outer
Safegard Sleeve with:

End (1) - a 3/4” ANSI 150# Swivel Flange, PTFE Lined

End (2) - a Cam and Groove Swivelling Female, PTFE Lined

and a Length of - 4ft 6 inches

Hose Assembly Part No. = 12 - BFXU/AS - RC - SG - 54in - 12L - 16L

Entry No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7