Hose Braids

TO - Tube Only (no braid)


TO grade hose (available in both GP and AS) is a lightweight hose, used in applications where working pressures are low and where there is no need for the physical protection offered by an external braid. TO grade tube is vacuum resistant to -0.9bar up to 100˚C.

Note: TO not available in sizes 21/2" & 3" .


SS - Stainless Steel Braid


Stainless Steel braided hose is the general purpose product, and can be used in applications involving high temperatures and working pressures. High tensile AISI 316 stainless steel wire is used, to give maximum pressure resistance and external protection to the hose.


PB - Polypropylene Braid


Polypropylene braided hose is often preferred to SS in applications involving frequent handling and movement of the hose, and where temperatures are within the range -30˚C and +100˚C (-22˚F to +212˚F). PB braid is lighter in weight, and any broken strands will not cut the operator’s hands. In addition, PB braid is not prone to “chloride stress corrosion”, and has generally good chemical resistance.

To ensure Electrical Continuity (EC) between end fittings 2 strands of Monel wire earthing strips are criss-crossed on to the liner, underneath the Polypropylene Braid. These are folded back underneath the ferrule at both end fittings, to make an electrical contact.

Note: Prolonged exposure to sunlight eventually results in UV degradation of PB braid.


Note: Previously, Bioflex HB (Hastelloy Braid) and KYB (Kynar Braid) were available, particularly for chlorine applications. It has been found however, that customers prefer the Corroflon product for such applications - please refer to the Corroflon brochure.