Insulated Hose Assemblies


For use in Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biopharma applications where cold media passing through the hose can result in condensation forming on the outside of the hose, which may be undesirable within the application. The insulated hose can also be used with hot media to limit heat losses and to limit the external temperature of the hose for the protection of operators. Unlike other designs the insulation and cover is integral to the hose design and will stay in place throughout the hose life.


The base hose comprises of a braided hose assembly.  The insulated element comprises of a standard 12mm closed-cell fire resistant silicone foam rubber spirally wrapped around the hose, completed with a black EPDM rubber (matt finish) cover or a wipe clean Platinum Cured Silicone Cover (semi-transparent).


Each hose is custom designed and built to suit the requirements of the particular application.  Other applications can be considered please consult our technical department.


As for Bioflex Ultra GP, SS specifications, except that the minimum bend radius is increased by approx. 25%, there is an increase on the O/D of approx. 25mm and there will be a slight increase in the complete weight of the assembly.  The media temperature range as per Bioflex Ultra with a stainless steel braid.


Minimum Aflex Insulated hose assembly length 750mm.

Maximum Aflex Insulated hose assembly length 20mtrs ((Where maximum length for the hose size permits).

Not suitable for applications where exacting temperature control is required. See CH and ETH section for these applications.