From turbocharger oil feed hose in use on more than 1 million production cars, to brake hose used on millions of cars, ATVs and motorbikes, the Aflex Hose product range outperforms the rest.

The need for increased levels of durability, flexibility and high temperature resistance in automotive applications is being met by the unique Aflex Hose product range, custom designed for automotive use.


Smooth bore hose, with a straight PTFE tube liner, standard and heavy PTFE tube wall thicknesses.

Available from 0.1”, 2.5mm bore to 1”, 25mm bore with SS wire braid and rubber or plastic cover design options.

Best for most automotive and general purpose applications. Usable at high pressures​

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Hyperline FX

Smooth bore hose. The patented liner provides unequalled flexibility and kink resistance.

Available from 1/4", 6mm to I”, 25mm bore, SS wire braid or aramid fibre braid, and cover options.

Best for all applications where improved flexibility and kink resistance are required

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Convoluted bore hose. The convoluted PTFE liner tube provides excellent flexibility.

Available from 3/8”,10mm bore to 11/4”, 28mm bore, SS wire braid.

Best for all applications where a smooth bore and/or high pressures are not required.

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